Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday already :P

So, time to review and list this week's exercise

Monday - gym and 20 mins. on elliptical trainer, 5 mins. on the rowing machine, then doing 2 sets of my weights

Tuesday morning - nice walk in my correct heart range for 35 minutes pushing the kids in the jogging stroller

Wednesday - 5 km jog along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Heart got right up there at about 165 beats/min. Bit high and I felt a bit wasted afterwards.

Thursday - another hot day predicted so I'll go to the gym after Tim gets home from work I guess? Not sure what today's exercise should be.

I feel slightly less fat than what I started the week as. Keep it up and you'll feel better, Deb.....sorry, just me rambling on to myself. I must keep up the exercise and eating less, then I WILL see results, n'est ce que pas?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Walking is better

Well, one thing that a heart monitor does is inform you of your heart rate. I've found out that while jogging, my heart rate is consistently over the 150 range. For a quick refresher on what it should be here's some calculations.

My max. heart rate is 220 - my age = 180. So 60% of 180 = 108 and 80% of 180 = 144

So, for the most effective workout I should be keeping my heart rate in the range of 108 to 144. That was acheived this morning by a brisk walk. So I walked for a hour and 6 minutes. Avg. HR was 128 and max. HR was 154 while jogging. So, now I know why at times, I'd get so breathless and why, after jogging, I'd feel so damn tired. So, walking at a brisk pace is good for me. Just keep it up and I'll get my HR down then I can start jogging again. Because I do want to do a marathon one day, I know. And one should really run a marathon, shouldn't one? Yes. I want to look like a gazelle one day, not a fat, waddly penguin. Sorry, John Bingham, but a gazelle is more my idol.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Heat and humidity

Today is a day for that title: Heat and Humidity. But even still I got out there for a nice 40 min. jog/walk. I pushed myself today. The proof in how hard I worked was evident in the red face I had when I got back. I looked well exercised if you know what I mean. Just drank my milkshake too. Skim milk and protein powder blended together. So I'm feeling proud that today, I've done my exercise already, even though it's hot and humid out. Now, to my mum's place to play in the pool with the kids. That's nice on a hot day, for sure.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday exercise

Took a nice walk with Vic in the stroller to the store and back. So about 30 mins of a nice walk. Then I went and bought myself a Polar Heart Monitor (the 120 model) so that I can keep track of my heart rate. After that, I went to the gym and did my lower body weights and sets.

3 x 15 Leg press @ 150 lbs
3 x 15 Leg lift for glutes @ 80 lbs
3 x 15 Adductors @ 140 lbs
3 x 15 Abductors @ 140 lbs
3 x 10 One leg balance on step (tricky to do!)
3 x 15 Calf raises
3 x max. Russian twist on the exercise ball with a 6 lb. medicine ball

My arms set is

3 x 15 dumbbell curls @ 15 lbs.
3 x 15 triceps pushdown @ 45 lbs.
3 x 15 lat. raises @ 120 lbs
3 x 15 shoulder raises @ 10 lbs

So, if I go at least 3 times/week, and do my minimum of 30 mins. of walking/running/aerobic activity, I'll continue to lose weight, I hope. Now, just to stick to the NO days and make one day the YES day for fattening food. That's what Jules, the personal trainer suggested for me to try. On a NO day, you say no to all the bad stuff, then have a lovely Yes day because you deserve it. I'll try that and see if it all works. You'll hear about it :)

"The people who have done big things are those who were not afraid to attempt big things, who were not afraid to risk failure in order to gain success."--B. C. Forbes

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wednesday exercise

was a nice bike ride in the morning for about 1/2 hour with some hills. Then a nice 40 min. brisk walk before dinner. I tried running a bit but felt breathless so just walked most of it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More Exercise to talk about!

I did more exercise! Okay, don't fall over in shock. I'm trying, okay? Did a nice 40 min. walk with Vic in the jogging stroller yesterday morning. Then I went to the gym and did some rowing machine (5 mins.), some bike (10 mins) then lifted weights for the balance of my 1 hour there.

Tuesday exercise: I rode out to my mum's condo with Vic in the bike buggy. That took 45 mins and then an additional 1 hour to ride home. So, lots of biking today! Feels great because with biking it's non-impact. Legs don't hurt at all, thankfully.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A good start to my motivation scheme

I just did a nice run/walk for about 40 mins. Feels great to be outside on an early Sunday morning with no one about. You feel good about being alive and healthy. So, a good first step to take. I'll write again next time I exercise and use this as my motivator. "Shaking her fist at her laziness, Toria signs off*

Getting motivation

I need to get some motivation going for getting out there, honestly. The pills that I'm on for my mood misorder are seriously fucking with my brain and my motivation. I'll tell the doctor about it the next time I see him. But until then, I feel tired and draggy. I know I *NEED* to get out to the gym or do a run but it just doesn't seem to happen as often as it should. This is pissing me off, believe me. I know I'm in decent shape at the moment and yet every day, I don't feel like getting out there, my fitness levels slacken off.

Last year an infatuation really helped me motivate myself. I need a new infatuation this year, a new reason for getting fired up and *GOING*. Preferably one without fat or calories LOL. I ate most of a box of old fashioned doughnut holes yesterday. Really not a smart move. happened. Now, to find that motivation again.............

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Next goal

My next goal is going to be finishing a 10 km under 1 hr. 15 mins. That'll be about October time frame to give the weather to cool off and make it comfortable for running. I hate running in the heat honestly but will try and keep up the fitness level at the gym and swimming etc.

So, this blog will be somewhat dead for a bit I guess. But don't go away entirely. You can always subscribe to the RSS feed and it'll tell you when the blog has been updated. Thanks all for supporting me and encouraging me.

Follow the grain in your own wood. Thurman