Monday, May 30, 2005

Janet's Time

2646 4:43:21.3 6:43 4:41:30.7 697 MOREL, JANET OTTAWA CAN 888/1276 108/168 Women 45 - 49 2:10:12 2:33:11

Awesome Janet!!!! She finished the full marathon in 4:43. Good work.

Janet is the person who I credit with getting me interested in running again. She's a inspiration to all of us! :) Thanks sweetie, for inspiring me.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

my friends time

5354 1:31:38.3 9:10 1:26:11.4 1653 BUTTON, MARJORIE OTTAWA 2912/3170 169/204 Women 50 - 54

Way to go, Marjorie. WOOO HOOO! her very first 10 km race and this is her result. Very good!! Congratulations Marj!!

Pain is Temporary

Place: 6792
Gun time: 3:57:24.7
Pace: 11:16
Chip time: 3:49:14.4
Place overall: 3951/3978
Specific group: 664/669 Women 40 - 44

The pain in my legs and feet and body remind I've done a good thing. The pride of the weight of the medal around my neck makes up for it.

I DID IT !!! WOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!! yipee and all that good stuff. I finished a half marathon today and I feel *SO* good. But man my legs and feet *HURT*.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

3 days to go

Last evening I tried on the clothes I'll wear for the run. My black shorts and black t-shirt, comfy jogging bra and nice socks. I got a tube of "no Chafe" stuff called "Body Glide" which let's face it, is a runner's best friend n'est que pas? OUI!!! My new orthics seem a bit soft but hopefully they'll be okay for me. I'm going to walk the first half of the event and then run if I feel up to it. I've got until 4 pm to finish from 10:15 am so will try my best.

The forecast is for cool, wet weather which will be ideal for comfort. I hope it isn't pouring rain however! But cloudy I can take, cool I can take and even rain, I can take more so than 30 C and hot and humid weather. Because I've trained in the cool and damp of the spring.

Tonight, Thursday night will be my last workout before the event. I'll just take it easy Friday and Saturday and do zilch in the exercise area. Say good luck to me in comments please and I'll let you know how I've done after I'm home again on Sunday.

"The point of living and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come."

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Running out of time

So, it's one week until the race. And I'm running out of time to train, to get fit for it. I'll still enter in the race but I don't care what my time will be. It'll be what it is, and that's that, after all is said and done.

I'm feeling lethargic with the meds. I'm on. This is not good because it's harder to push myself out the door. Give me willpower to get out there and do my long run today, please!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Isn't chafing *THE WORST* thing after a run? My thighs are chafed. I will have to buy some Body Glide stuff before the race and liberally apply it LOL. OUCH, my inner thighs hurt. Gorgeous night out. But my chest felt a bit heavy. I've been battling a virus the last week and haven't felt up to par, honestly. Been slacking off on the exercise generally. Monday night I did do a good workout at the gym. Tonight I went and ran with the run club. Didn't go too fast, just slow and steady and walked when I felt breathless a few times. So, tomorrow night is the last class. Everyone is going for a beer afterwards so I'll go too and hoist a pint in celebration. Not quite as fit as I'd hoped to be at this point in time but oh well, C'est La Vie, c'est vraiment!

One week and 4 days to go until the day of the event. My nerves are there but there is no failure in trying it. No matter how far I get along, there truly is no failure. I just have to remember that.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Such gorgeous weather!

Wow, it's nice weather here in Ottawa lately. Perfect for running in. The speed work is going alright. But I'm so slow compared to the other runners. Oh well, have to start somewhere, don't I? It's a challenge. So, less than 3 weeks to the event now. In fact 2 weeks come Sunday!

Bloody freezing out this morning actually. Bizarre weather, can't decide if it's going to be hot and humid or cold and sunny.

Good luck to all who decide to start up running :) Stay positive, keep smiling and happy running!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Keep on going

Well, the email today from the Running Room was that sentiment. So, I will. Went to the gym last night and broke up the aerobics part. Did a bit on the bike, some intense spurts on the elliptical trainer and did some rowing on the rowing machine. Then did my balancing and lunges etc. Felt lovely and strong. But there was one couple there who was bugging me LOL. When I wanted to use the rowing machine he was on it. When I wanted the medecine ball for my Russian twists, she was using it. When I wanted the mat, they were on them, talking and not doing anything. Grrr, annoying LOL. Ah well, I'll forget it. But what I do like is the the mood afterward. You walk out of there, feeling tired and glowing, somehow.

Today it's cold and damp out. So, haven't done any exercise today. But I'll get out for a bike ride afterwards. Something for sure!!! Can't sit and rest every day if I want to stay in shape.

Wednesday, speed at the store. *GROAN* at the thought, but hey, it's supposed to make us stronger runners. I'll be going along a bit faster than my snail's pace LOL. Cheers to me :)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

10 km under my belt

Ah well, I did 10 km running today. Felt good but man, did my feet *HURT* at the end of it. I've bought a new pair of good running shoes (a runner's *MOST* important piece of equipment) and I've decided something. I'm gonna walk the 21.1 km in 4 weeks time. The reason being that today I was "running" beside some ladies who were speed walking and my "running" is about the same speed as them walking LOL. Walking is easier on the feet, n'est ce que pas? So, will do my best to finish because basically that's all I want to do "to finish" it. I don't care what time I get at all. Just to say I did it. And get my medal LOL.

Beautiful weather here and great running today. Nice out.

My sister-in-law Pat did 10 km in 55 mins. this morning. GOOD FOR HER! Way to go Pat. We're so proud of you. :) /CHEER /CHEER /CHEER

Golf and sex are about the only things you can enjoy without being good at and also running.