Thursday, September 08, 2005

Not to make excuses

But I've had a head cold. The drippy nose, sneezing, snuffling, feeling awful kind of head cold. With a sore throat and a fever one day. So, this week, have only gotten out for one walk on Tuesday, the sixth of Sept. Otherwise, zip, nada, nothing for exercise.

A friend is going to train for the Big Sur marathon in early April in California. Good luck to him! That'd be so beautiful a backdrop, running along the Ocean Highway there. At times, I just wish to get out there and run.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Trying my best

Hey, long time no blog on here! It's September already. Yes, I've been out there, doing my walking. Going to the gym too. I feel so good, so happy about that. It's always such a pleasant feeling afterwards, isn't it? The high of endorphins coursing through your body. Then a nice shower and you feel all fresh and nice.

Monday: elliptical trainer 20 min, rowing machine 8 mins, then weights.
Tuesday: Nice 45 min. walk avg. HR 121
Thurs.: Nice 35 mins. walk avg. HR 125

Beautiful weather for walking now here in Ottawa.