Thursday, September 08, 2005

Not to make excuses

But I've had a head cold. The drippy nose, sneezing, snuffling, feeling awful kind of head cold. With a sore throat and a fever one day. So, this week, have only gotten out for one walk on Tuesday, the sixth of Sept. Otherwise, zip, nada, nothing for exercise.

A friend is going to train for the Big Sur marathon in early April in California. Good luck to him! That'd be so beautiful a backdrop, running along the Ocean Highway there. At times, I just wish to get out there and run.


Blogger JD said...

I think that all runners have a continuous cold. I seem to have the sniffles all the time when I am training (which is all the time it seems) Right now the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington Va. is looming. Way behind in training.... The Big Sur Marathon sounds like a beautiful but tough run...Hope your cold gets better soon.

7:41 pm  
Blogger runner792 said...

It is tough getting out when you don't really feel like it. I do what I call a "discipline run". This is where I negotiate with myself and agree to only go half as far as normal, or maybe just around the block. Then if I still don't feel good, I can quit without feeling guilty, and I have gotten out so that I do not lose the habit. However, normally I get to feeling better and ultimately finish a normal length run. Please share your best practices at my Running Forum at john

11:32 am  
Blogger Black Knight said...

The cold is always a problem for the runners. We cannot follow the appropriate program of training because we are weak and we risk a long stop losing our goals. Please take care. Now I am preparing the Marathon of Rome by many half marathon races and focused trainings but my impossible dream is the Big Sure (I live in Italy, too far from it). If you like please have a look to my blog

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