Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hump day or Wednesday, whatever

Haha, my husbands and I's name for Wednesday. It's the hump day of the week. Once it's done with, we've only got 2 more days until the weekend. So, exercise and what have I been up to? Hmm, lets see.

So, Sunday, I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Did some crunches too, then called it quits for the day. Cleaned house later that day too, which was fairly strenous, lugging around the damn vacuum. Can you tell I hate the vacuum? LOL, yup.

Monday was hot out so I did 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 5 mins of the rowing machine. Then 3 sets of all my weights. Felt really good and strong for doing all that.

Tuesday, we (me and the kids) walked around the Museum, then after Tim was home, I got to the health club and did a 30 min swim with laps. I did a variety of strokes but mostly the crawl. Then home for food for my hungry tummy.

Wednesday, it's very hot out again. So, I'll just do a 40 min. walk on the usual route with water and my Heart Monitor strapped on. That'll do for today.

EDIT: Actually did a longer walk - took me 1 hr and 8 mins to do. Yippee for that!

Am I doing a good enough job of exercising, do you think? Should I be doing more? I don't know.

Must TRY not to eat fattening foods such as chips and cake. Ice cream is my big downfall honestly. I know I shouldn't even have it in the house. But my family likes it :( Tricky business, this denying myself the fattening stuff. But, hey, I can do it, can't I?


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